Download King Kong today!

Thursday 1 June 2006
If you've ever considered getting involved with games on demand then there's no better time to do so than this week as King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie will be available to download from GamesOnRadar from Thursday afternoon (1 June).

GamesOnRadar is a games on demand service that gives you access to loads of top PC titles for just a small monthly fee. To get your hands on King Kong, all you have to do is subscribe to the games on demand pack that will enable you download over 90 different games for just £12.95 a month.

The service has an incredibly fast download times thanks to our unique streaming system, so King Kong should be ready to play in just over half an hour (33 minutes to be precise) on a 2 MB connection.

King Kong: The Official Game was a huge a smash hit last year and gives gamers the chance to relive the action from the blockbuster Peter Jackson film from two different perspectives. First you play as the intrepid Jack Driscoll, as he scraps his way past the indigenous beasts of Skull Island, then it's time to unleash the beast as you get to control the mighty Kong himself as he rampages through the jungle.

To get involved, and to be able to download King Kong as well as other top titles such as Hitman and Splinter Cell, just log on to GamesOnRadar.

Above: Feel the force of the big monkey thanks to GamesOnRadar