Double Fine opens inventory, equips Ron Gilbert

The adventure gaming dream team is back. Developer Double Fine has beenjoined by the legendary Ron Gilbert, recreating the Gilbert and Tim Schafer team notorious for their work on classic LucasArts games including The Secret of Monkey Island and Day of Tentacle.

"For the last couple of months Tim has been loaning me his desk here, as he has in the past," Gilbert said in an interview with Kotaku. "We have just been talking about different ideas I've had for games, kinda going back and forth like we do, and then Tim suggested, 'Hey why don't you come here and build this thing.'%26rdquo;

Gilbert, who is fresh from squeezing his creative juices into the DeathSpank series of games for developer Hothead, will assist Schafer and the Double Fine team in the creative development of a number of bite-sized games in the same vein as the studio's upcoming Costume Quest.

As for specifics, Gilbert offered: "It's an idea that I've been batting around for many, many years. I've been talking to Tim over the last couple of months about it and it sort of percolated back up. It's very different than DeathSpank, it's a bit of a departure from that. It's going in a very interesting direction.%26rdquo;

Granted, Br%26uuml;tal Legend failed to set the world on fire, but Double Fine has a solid reputation nonetheless, and adding Gilbert to the mix can only mean good things for gamers. Speaking of the blessed union, Gilbert added: "The key to making really great games is having a hell of a lot of fun when you're making them. Tim and I always have a hell of a lot of fun when we're together, so I have high hopes."

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Sep 27, 2010

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