Costume Quest Developer Commentary with Tim Schafer

Legendary producer Tim Schafer and Lead Animator Tasha Harris were in GR HQ showing off Costume Quest recently, and we’re not shy about saying it charmed the pants right off of us. Don’t let precious nature of the screenshots fool you into thinking you’re in for a purely kiddie affair. It’s got a helluva lot more in common with Psychonauts and Wind Waker than drivel like MySims.

Above: Watch this turn into THIS!

The upcoming Halloween RPG turns adorable costumes into battle-ready mech suits, candy into hard currency, and backyards into puzzle strewn dungeons. You don’t have to take our word for it. We asked Tasha and Tim to do the talking and they were kind enough to record an exclusive commentary through the first part of the game that you won’t hear anywhere else. Prepare to smile:

Sep 3, 2010