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Doom Funko Pop figures make Hell on Mars absolutely adorable

Every now and then, some video game merch manages to stand above the rest. Sure, there'll always be T-shirts, hats and the like, but when do you get to see a Cyberdemon or the Space Marine from Doom (opens in new tab) turned into teensy bobblehead-like figures with googly eyes? Now. Now is when.

The folks at collectibles manufacturer Funko have teamed up with Doom publisher Bethesda to produce a duo of Pop! vinyl figures based on the upcoming game. You can pre-order (opens in new tab) through Bethesda with an estimated shipping date of March 21, or try your luck in stores that sell the figures. I myself spied both of these little guys at a GameStop over the weekend, so it's definitely possible.

The Space Marine figure is roughly 3.75 inches tall and costs $12, while the Cyberdemon is approximately 6 inches tall and costs $18. Sadly, neither is likely to be of much use should an actual demon invasion happen. But they sure look cute!

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Sam Prell
Sam Prell

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