Doom Eternal is finally getting its horde mode next week

Doom Eternal is getting its long-awaited single-player horde mode next week, Tuesday, October 26.

Bethesda revealed the release date in a new teaser trailer showing the Doom Slayer emerge from a portal to be told by Deag Ranak that "these challenges are designed to break you." The trailer then shows a few of the monsters that will break you, and there's a little bit of gameplay at the end. It's a short trailer, but the important bit is that there's finally a release date - it's been several months since it was announced as a replacement for the scrapped Dark Souls-inspired Invasions mode.

Doom Eternal's horde mode will be included as part of update 6.66, which also includes some major changes to the 2v1 asymmetric multiplayer mode Battlemode, including the addition of a new arena and streak-based rewards. The update will also add two new Master Levels and some other stuff that will be revealed when the update goes live next week.

If you want an early look at the upcoming horde mode, Doom Eternal community manager Joshua Boyle is joining game director Hugo Martin for a livestream happening tonight, October 21, at 4:30pm PT / 7:30pm ET on Twitch and YouTube. There's sure to be plenty of gameplay giving a way better look at the new mode than today's trailer, and there might be some teases as to what else is coming in the big update.

Before you take on horde mode, be sure to take a look at our Doom Eternal tips for some general advice on staying alive as long as possible.

Jordan Gerblick

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