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Don't worry everyone! Shuhei Yoshida's fixed one of Oculus Rift's problems

The final retail version of Oculus Rift is a pretty nice bit of VR gear from my hands on (although I hate those weird partial headphones). It does have a slight light leakage problem though if the headset isn't a snug fit, which can break the immersion. But never fear Shuhei's here!

Sony's Worldwide Studios president tweeted out this solution for plugging up any light-leaking gaps. Okay, it's not pretty but then real problem solving is about solutions, not aesthetics.

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Simple, isn't it. First, take one shop bought Rift:

Second, find one of those sleep masks, like you get on planes:

Aaand finally combine, for a stylish and thrifty way to block out unwanted light. Done.

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