Don't panic, Destiny is just down to prep for Rise of Iron

If you tried to log into Destiny today and noticed that, well, you couldn't, you might've wondered what was up - or down, I suppose. Don't worry, your world hasn't come to a sudden end, Bungie is just prepping the game for the Rise of Iron expansion with patch 2.4.0. It began at 8am Pacific and should conclude at 4pm.

The patch has a lot of gifts in store with regards to weapons, with new ones being introduced and several older models gaining new abilities or returning from hiatus. Various tweaks and tunings also mean things like a smaller magazine for auto rifles with the highest rate of fire and damage increases on machine guns. There's seriously a lot of changes coming to Destiny's guns, so I suggest checking out the full list of patch notes if you want to familiarize yourself.

Hopefully the downtime won't affect any of you working your 9 to 5 job who planned to unwind tonight with some Strikes, Crucible, Patrols, Raids, or what-have-you and the maintenance will go smoothly. As for Rise of Iron, you'll be able to jump in on September 20.

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Sam Prell

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