Does Frank Castle have a long-lost brother? Punisher War Journal's return teases a family connection

Punisher War Journal: Brother #1 cover excerpt
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Punisher: War Journal will return to comics this October as a one-shot written by Torunn Grønbekk, with art from Rafael Pimentel.

Titled Punisher War Journal: Brother, the 40 page one-shot catches up with Frank Castle after a series of attempts on his life by Lady Bullseye, Lord Deathstrike, and whole host of other failed assassins. But those who want the blood of the Punisher to be spilled won't leave well enough alone, and, determined to get Frank's head, will offer a sum of $500 million to anyone who can take him out.

"Sharing intel, resources, and money, a collective underworld puts out a contract to kill Frank – eligible for anyone: assassins, mercenaries, or smalltown crooks," reads Marvel's just released solicitation for Punisher War Journal: Brother. 

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

"The news ripples through the shadows of the world: $500 million to the person who takes down the Punisher.

But according to Marvel, there's someone from the Punisher's past that's in the hunt for more than money.

Brother will be the latest in a series of Punisher one-shots written by Grønbekk which run parallel to the current Punisher limited series from writer Jason Aaron, who has co-written several titles with Grønbekk in the past.

That title, Punisher War Journal: Brother, and the solicit text, form a potentially deadly picture of what could be a reunion between Frank Castle and a long-lost brother who has never previously appeared in Marvel Comics. Of course, 'Brother' could refer to Castle himself, who has been depicted as having a sister. Could she be coming back into the picture in a way that threatens Frank himself?

Punisher War Journal: Brother #1 goes on sale October 12.

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