Doctor Who triumphs, Joss and Dushku reunite, Heroes Origins nixed - Thursday round-up [UPDATED]

Doctor Who triumphs!

Doctor Who won two awards at the National Television Awards on Wednesday night. The show won Best Drama while David Tennant won best actor. Freema Agyeman lost out to EastEnders Lacey Turner for Best Actress. The awards were voted for by the viewing public, so if nothing else, Freema’s loss proves that block voting by Who fans isn’t the main reason the show is sweeping up at awards ceremonies like this.

Also good news for Doctor Who was that Catherine Tate won the award for best comedy show. Maybe she’s not as unpopular as some fans seem to believe.

Buffy team reunite!
In the US, Fox TV has ordered seven episodes of a new SF show called Dollhouse to be created by Joss Whedon and starring Eliza (Faith) Dushku. Sci-Fi Wire reports that the show concerns a top-secret team of agents programmed with different personalities, abilities and memories, depending on their mission. After each mission their memory is wiped.

Dushku will play a character called Echo, who starts to become aware of what’s happening to her. It could be on air next autumn.

Heroes spin-off shelved!
A combination of the US writers’ strike, falling ratings and the loss of some of its parent show’s production staff has lead to NBC shelving plans for a six-part Heroes spin-off, Heroes: Origins, reports Variety.

The mini-series would have aired in the gap weeks in Heroes’ schedule. Big names such as film directors Eli Roth and Kevin Smith were involved.

There is a chance Heroes: Origins may be greenlighted for the 2008/2009 series, but you can’t help suspecting that will depend on whether Heroes’ ratings pick up. While the show is still performing respectfully in "key demographics" (ie, the people with expendable income) it is not the powerhouse it was last year, and has suffered a drop in audience of some three to four million viewers, while critics have been less than kind about a lack of focus in its second season.

Daniel Craig to do four more Bond movies!
Following recent revelations that Craig is committed to four more Bond movies, it's been speculated in the Daily Mail that the actor will bag a cool £30 million as a result. Nice work, 007.