Doctor Who latest

There's some interesting stuff in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine. Firstly, the production team have confirmed what we've kinda known for a while - that one episode of season four will feature extensive location filming in Italy, at Cinecitta, the studio where the BBC filmed Rome. It makes sense to assume this episode will be set in Roman times, although that hasn't actually been officially confirmed.

There's also an interview with Catherine Tate, returning as new regular companion Donna. By the sound of things, Donna has broadened her horizons beyond Heat magazine and Pringles:
“When she met the Doctor the first time around it was an eye-opening experience for her - the scales flew from her eyes. He said 'Come with me' and she said no, and clearly she's regretted it... I think he's sort of saved her from a life of banality, really... it's given her a sense of adventure, and a taste for what else is out there, what her life could be like."

She goes on to explain that Donna will still be very straight-talking and blunt:
"She'll question where she is and she'll respond to where she is in a way that you would... in the Ood episode her first instinct is ‘Jesus. What's that?! Look at its face!'”

If the more romantic Doctor/companion relationships of recent years haven't been your cup of tea, you should be pleased to hear what David Tennant has to say on the new dynamic:
"There's almost an anti-romantic element. They're not trying to seduce or impress one another. She's quicker to cut him down."

And finally... we received word from Oxford University Press today that "Whovian" has made it into the new edition of The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary! Wahoo! We won't be fully satisfied until there's a definition of "fangasm" in there too, though...

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