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Doctor Who picture puzzle - the answers!

Been puzzling over our Doctor Who picture puzzle? Well puzzle no more!

A list of the answers to our Doctor Who picture puzzle follows. To make it easier to identify what's what, imagine that the picture has been been split up into a 4x4 grid, like this (see right). We'll give you the answers for each area of the picture, row by row.

1. “THE ELEVENTH HOUR” The hands of the clock show that it’s eleven o’clock.
2. “THE TIME MEDDLER” The character pulling back the hand of the clock.
3. “THE WHEEL IN SPACE” You can see a wheel-shaped spacestation on one of the TV screens…
4. “THE ARK IN SPACE” … and also a space-faring Ark. (We wouldn’t blame you if you guessed that this one referred to the William Hartnell story “The Ark”)
5. “THE SPACE PIRATES” Depicted on the right-hand TV screen.

6. “THE UNICORN AND THE WASP” The former is being bothered by the latter!
7. “DRAGONFIRE” Issuing from the dragon’s mouth.

8. “THE ROMANS” The marching group of Centurions.
9. “BAD WOLF” Kicking someone over a ledge is definitely bad…
10. “THE INVISIBLE ENEMY” That suited figure has a bandaged face like The Invisible Man, but the ear handles of a Cyberman…

11. “DOOMSDAY” The nuclear mushroom cloud in the distance. (You may have come up with “The End Of The World” or “The Big Bang” for this, and again, we wouldn’t blame you)
12. “TERMINUS” Another word for a bus station - even when the buses are flying buses.
13. “THE DEADLY ASSASSIN” The rooftop sniper.

14. “THE AWAKENING” The two kids trying to wake up their mother.
15. “BLINK” The artwork on the bedroom wall.
16. “THE LEISURE HIVE” The beehive relaxing on a sun lounger.
17. “THE REIGN OF TERROR” The rain cloud terrorising a sunbather.
18. “THE UNDERWATER MENACE” The sinister claw menacing a swimmer. (You might have thought this was "The Beast Below"?)

19. “THE GREEN DEATH” Well, what else would you call a Grim Reaper who recycles his bottles?
20. “THE SEEDS OF DEATH” As you can see, he’s also a keen gardener…
21. “THE STOLEN EARTH” … And that thief with a jetpack is making off with some of his soil.
22. “VICTORY OF THE DALEKS” The Dalek gold medallist.
23. “THE KING’S DEMONS” Elvis Presley was known as the King, and some demons are carrying his podium...

24. “THE UNQUIET DEAD” The corpse bawling through a megaphone.
25. “GHOST LIGHT” The ghost shining a torch.
26. “ARMY OF GHOSTS” The row of gun-toting spectres.
27. “THE ROBOTS OF DEATH” That line of mechanical grim reapers.
28. “THE SONTARAN EXPERIMENT” The spud-headed alien mixing up chemicals.

29. “GRIDLOCK” The traffic jam.
30. “THE EDGE OF DESTRUCTION” Tricky one, this – maybe the trickiest? The security guard teetering on the brink of plunging to his doom…
31. “THE FIVE DOCTORS” The five stethoscoped figures. Of course, you could have also had “The Three Doctors” and “The Two Doctors”, but we weren't counting those.
32. “VINCENT AND THE DOCTOR”… Consider one of the Doctors at the same time as the painter clutching a sunflower et voila.
33. “THE DOCTOR DANCES” The one who’s listening to music and cutting a rug.
34. “THE DOCTOR’S DAUGHTER” The little girl next to the curly-haired Doctor at the front.

35. “DESTINY OF THE DALEKS” The Dalek that’s having its fortune told.
36. “THE SEA DEVILS” The letter Cs with horns, tails and pitchforks…
37. “THE FACELESS ONES” The two bystanders (taking photos) who have no facial features.
38. “LOVE & MONSTERS” The Marshman and Magma Beast holding hands and kissing. Aw.

39. “REVELATION OF THE DALEKS” One Dalek shocking another with a disclosure of paternity…
40. “ROBOT” That thing to the right of the Dalek float is simply meant to be a robot, not a fish-carrying mecha or anything else.

41. “WARRIORS’ GATE” The warrior, er, carrying a gate. Yes, we know, strictly speaking that would be Warrior’s Gate, but don’t get pedantic, eh?
42. “SMITH AND JONES” The images of Will Smith and Indiana Jones on the floating TV screens.
43. “ENLIGHTENMENT” The chap having a “lightbulb moment” on the floating TV screens.
44. “THE CHASE” The figures running after the bride.

45. “THE VAMPIRES OF VENICE” The three bloodsuckers in a gondola.
46. “42” The answer to the sum on the screen.
47. “THE LONG GAME” The two old buffers who’ve clearly been playing chess for a very long time…
48. “THE WAR GAMES” The two kids on the floor, playing with toy soldiers.

49. “THE SOUND OF DRUMS” What the two creatures pounding away on their drumkits are producing...
50. “SNAKEDANCE” ... which two serpents seem to be enjoying.
51. “POWER OF THE DALEKS” Comes from a three-pin plug, it appears.

52. “THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMEN” The very poorly-constructed snowmen.
53. “COLD BLOOD” Tricky one this: what is oozing from the decapitated snowman…

54. “THE RUNAWAY BRIDE” Self-explanatory, this one!
55. “THE GUNFIGHTERS” The two Wild West types facing off against one another.
56. “THE CREATURE FROM THE PIT” The beastie being kicked out of a nightclub.
57. “TURN LEFT” The roadsign.
58. “THE IDIOT’S LANTERN” Being held by that chap in a dunce’s cap.
59. “THE SHAKESPEARE CODE” On the cover of the book the idiot is reading (that’s “Hamlet” in code.)

60. “FATHER’S DAY” The “Best Dad In The World” card.
61. “TOOTH AND CLAW” The small objects sitting next to the card.
62. “BLACK ORCHID” A vase contains both this flower…
63. “ROSE” … and this one.
64. “THE MIND ROBBER” The chap making off with a brain!

65. “CARNIVAL OF MONSTERS” The parade of monsters (when considered as a whole).

Thanks to our very talented artist Paul Cemmick , and our sponsors, Science Fiction Collectables