Doctor Who boss Russell T. Davies responds to concerns about the new series

David Tennant in Doctor Who
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Russell T. Davies has reassured fans of Doctor Who that the show is "absolutely the same" following its acquisition by Disney Plus internationally. The upcoming seasons of the sci-fi show will be airing on the streaming service outside of the UK.

"I know people are, naturally, worried about American producers having notes on things," Davies said in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine (H/T Digital Spy). "Well, don't be. They're giving excellent notes. And I'm here to tell you, you haven't watched a drama on British television in 20 years that hasn't had American notes on it. Everything is a co-production – it's really, completely normal."

The showrunner went on to add: "If you want any more reassurance, let me just tell you that we're about to transmit the words 'Mavic Chen' on television for the first time since 1966. It is absolutely the same show."

Davies is returning to the BBC show for the first time since 2010, after reviving the show following its sixteen-year hiatus. He’s at the helm of the new anniversary specials, as well as looking after the upcoming 14th season, which will see Ncuti Gatwa play the Time Lord.

There’s still a lot of secrecy around the upcoming episodes, but we do know that David Tennant will be returning as the Doctor briefly in four special episodes. We also know who will be playing new companion Ruby Tuesday and have our first look at the Fifteenth Doctor’s stylish new outfit.

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