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The Division video shows how to build your own class with customizable skills

Aside from fashion sense, it's skills that set the agents of The Division apart from Tom Clancy's usual tactical operators. The swappable, modifiable abilities let each agent define their role in the battlefield: pack a healing first-aid ability and an enemy-marking sensor pulse if you want to support your squad, or grab a sticky charge launcher and riot shield if you'd rather make an explosive entrance and charge straight in.

The latest video from Ubisoft shows how skills work, and how an effective squad will combine them to overwhelm their enemies: Medical, Tech, and Security are pretty much Clancy-ese for Healer, DPS, and Tank.

The video doesn't even touch on Signature Skills, powerful abilities which higher level agents can use to turn desperate battles in their favor. The closed beta last weekend didn't let players get far enough to unlock any, either, so I'm looking forward to adding some Signature Skills to my loadout after The Division is released on March 8.

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Connor Sheridan
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