A trick in The Division beta lets you expand your wardrobe fast

Even after a viral apocalypse, Manhattan is still fashion forward: any agent of The Division worth their stripes wouldn't be caught dead in clashing colors. Luckily, Reddit user Keiichi81 discovered an easy trick to broaden your wardrobe without ever leaving Chelsea Pier. I tested it out myself and it works: just make more characters.

Newly activated agents aren't sent into the field naked. They each start out with a small selection of randomly cosmetic selected gear - but items like hats, shirts, and pants are unlocked on an account-wide basis, at least in the beta. Meaning if you create a bunch of characters right at the start, each one will give the clothes off their back to your growing wardrobe. Then just pick your favorite Agent (switch character slots by pressing the shoulder buttons) and sashay off into the DMZ, confident in your already impressive sartorial selection.

You'll still need to unlock stat-affecting gear like armor and weapons the old-fashioned way (mostly by killing people and looting their corpses) so don't worry about compromising your competitive ethics in the name of fashion. If you want to do more than just look killer in the PvP Dark Zone, check out our The Division beta tips.

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