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Watch The Division beta's invisible invincibility glitch in action

The Division's Dark Zone is easily the most tense part of the game… unless you happen to be invisible to all the other players and invulnerable to all damage. We already told you about glitches in The Division's closed betathat mess with its clever PvP/PvE hybrid Dark Zone, and now we've captured the big one on video ourselves. Turns out it's really fun to be the invincible, invisible dude, and not so much fun to be anybody else in the immediate area.

Before you condemn GR+ for exploiting glitches and ruining the game for other players, those are James Jarvis' co-workers that he's slaughtering without remorse. And yes, the human resources department has been notified.

The Division will reportedly get an open beta later this month, so hopefully Ubisoft addresses this glitch before then - or at least before the full game comes out on March 8. Until then, check out our The Division beta tips if you want some less-exploitative ways to get ahead.

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Connor Sheridan
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