Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy gets New 01.2[extended] Trailer Video

I%26rsquo;ve been hesitant to weigh in on the upcoming Dissidia sequel just because I wanted to allot myself ample time to really dig in and learn just how the fuck to pronounce its title. Sadly, I%26rsquo;ve yet to do so, but I can no longer avoid talking about Square's upcoming PSP exclusive, since we%26rsquo;ve got a new trailer for what I%26rsquo;m now referring to as %26ldquo;The 2nd Dissidia Game.%26rdquo;

Idiotically obtuse monikers aside, this extended take on the TGS trailer is sure to delight fans, as it features appearances by Sad Lady with Sword, The Great Buckle Warrior, and Spikey Haired Girl-Boy in Elaborate Headdress! Let%26rsquo;s just hope online retailers have a search algorithm that can keep up preorders, because there%26rsquo;s no way I%26rsquo;m going into a GameStop and attempting to ask for this game by name. %26ldquo;Umm%26hellip; I think it%26rsquo;s called Smash Bros: Chocobo?%26rdquo;

Feb 7, 2011