Disney's proposed Star Wars hotel is basically Westworld in a galaxy far, far away (minus the murder)

And you thought the Star Wars Land expansions coming to Disneyland and Disney World resorts were cool. According to Walt Disney World News Today, the House of Mouse is currently gauging interest in a Star Wars-themed hotel that puts you smack-dab in the middle of the action.

I'm not being hyperbolic, either. Whereas other themed hotels might have decor featuring a common aesthetic, the proposed Star Wars hotel is almost like a ride in and of itself. That means personal interactions with Star Wars characters, lightsaber and starship training, and even special missions to undertake within the resort.

$1000 per guest would include a two-night stay with exclusive park admission to Star Wars Land, buffet breakfasts, lunches, and dinner, a cantina, a pool area and water garden, fitness area, and protocol droids at your service.

Again, Disney is only at the concept phase at this point, trying to see what people think. And I don't know about you, but what I think is "OH GOD YES PLEASE MY DREAMS MY CHILDHOOD DREAMS COME TRUE PLEASE YES."


And once you're done with your business at the hotel, there's still plenty to do in the Star Wars park expansions, which we got our first details on at Star Wars Celebration 2017.

Images: Disney

Sam Prell

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