One of the best Disney movies finally comes to the Villainous board game

Disney Villainous: Filled With Fright artwork with Oogie Boogie in silhouette
(Image credit: Ravensburger, Disney)

After a long wait, The Nightmare Before Christmas is finally coming to the Disney Villainous board game series.

Featuring Oogie Boogie as its playable villain, 'Disney Villainous: Filled With Fright' will arrive ahead of Halloween. It'll also add heroes, allies, and items from The Nightmare Before Christmas to the franchise, which sits high up on our list of the best board games. Oogie's goal is to overthrow Pumpkin King Jack Skellington, for example.

However, it should be noted that this isn't a standalone product like most Disney Villainous expansions; packs normally include three playable baddies that can be mixed and matched with all of the other Disney characters, but this one only includes Oogie Boogie. In theory, that means it should be cheaper than usual (that was certainly the case with the single-character Venom add-on for Marvel Villainous, anyway).

This wasn't the only announcement from the folks behind Villainous; we're also getting a re-release of four characters from the original board game. Designed to coincide with the 100 years of Disney celebration, 'Disney Villainous: Introduction to Evil (Disney100 Edition)' features Ursula, Captain Hook, Maleficent, and Prince John in a platinum rainbow-foil box that depicts the Little Mermaid antagonist on the front. You can take a look at it in the image below.

The Disney Villainous: Introduction to Evil (Disney100 Edition) box and tokens on rocky ground

(Image credit: Ravensburger, Disney)

It doesn't seem as if they'll play any differently this time around, but the movers have a new finish and the set will presumably be a bit cheaper due to it not including Jafar and the Queen of Hearts from the OG set (which we said was "delightfully wicked" in our Disney Villainous review).

Introduction to Evil (Disney100 Edition) will be available to pre-order exclusively from Target this June 20.

Unfortunately, those are the only details we have about either game thus far - it's unclear how Oogie Boogie will play in Filled with Fright, for instance. Still, we do know roughly when Oogie is arriving: October. Just in time to join your collection of the best Halloween board games, in other words...

We should get more info on at least one more Villainous project in the near future - with the Star Wars Villainous: Scum and Villainy reveal, we were promised details this June. For tabletop recommendations to keep you busy until then, be sure to check in with these board games for adults and must-have board games for 2 players. As for something more chill, don't miss these essential cooperative board games.

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