Disney+ could lead to new Disney video game adaptations

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The success of Disney Plus might lead to more video game adaptations of Disney properties.

Recently, GamesIndustry.biz spoke to Walt Disney Games senior vice president Sean Shoptaw shortly after the unveiling of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, a new adaptation from Deus Ex developer Eidos Montreal. Interestingly, Shoptaw talks up the Disney Plus subscription service as being able to pave the way for new video game adaptations of existing Disney-owned source material.

"It's been incredible," Shoptaw says of the success of Disney Plus. "From a games perspective, we're certainly excited about that platform being a place to go showcase new IP that hopefully then will turn into experiences on the game side. So as the traditional film cycle did for us for many years, Disney+ will play that role in addition to the film slate, with new or dormant IP that gets a new life."

It certainly sounds like Shoptaw and Disney are keeping an eye on the success of individual shows and movies streaming through Disney Plus sign-up deals. The Mandalorian is a prime example, a smash-hit success on the streaming subscription service that's now paved the way for countless other Star Wars-related TV shows. In all honestly, it's hard to believe that Disney isn't already eyeing up a game adaptation of The Mandalorian.

The comments from Shoptaw certainly point to future possible game adaptations of Disney-owned properties, which is no doubt an exciting prospect. In terms of future video games based on Disney material that we know of, the aforementioned Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is slated to release later this year on October 26, for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series XXbox Series S, and Nintendo Switch.

Rather than being a live-service game like Marvel's Avengers, Eidos Montreal's new game is instead a strictly single-player adventure. The player steps into the role of Star-Lord in the third-person action game, using the hero's blasters to fight off alien foes. There's a lot to like about the upcoming adaptation, including player-driven choices that affect your relationship with the rest of the Guardians, the chance to earn gear inspired by the Guardians movies and comics, and more.

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