Not sneaky enough: Dishonored 2 (possibly) leaked ahead of E3

After almost pulling off a perfect shadow-run and keeping one of its biggest games under wraps, Bethesda may have leaked the next Dishonored today by inadvertently broadcasting a private conversation through its official Twitch stream. Not quite sneaky enough.

In the run-up to Bethesda's E3 2015 press conference this Sunday, the company briefly went live while testing its livestream capabilities, and picked up discussion between several developers and company representatives rehearsing their parts.

Among them were Arkane Studios' Harvey Smith and Raphael Colantonio, Co-Creative Developers on Dishonored; midway through the discussion, Dishonored (or so it sounded) was mentioned before all were informed that they were being recorded like something straight out of a hidden camera TV show (including someone laughing it off before being told it wasn't a joke). The stream was cut off after that, but not before a recording of the conversation was grabbed for the world to hear. There's been some disagreement over whether the speaker was specifically referring to Dishonored 2, Dishonored singular (perhaps in reference to the Dishonored Definitive Edition), or something else with the word 'honor' in it, but we know which we're hoping for.

To Bethesda's credit, it took the hiccup in stride, acknowledging it to fans tuning into the stream and cheekily mentioning it on Twitter. Also, while all involved were undoubtedly hoping to keep mum, chances are that conversation just upped anticipation for a new Dishonored tenfold, especially after several false leaks over the past year have left fans a little deflated. Now the anticipation is more intense than ever in the lead-up to the conference (which will also be featuring info on the actually-finally-real Fallout 4), and I know I'll be watching the clock tick down. It's almost like they planned it. Maybe Bethesda's sneakier than I thought.

Ashley Reed

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