Discord's new AI features aren't going down well

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Discord has long been a popular chat platform for players, but many are less than enthused by its new AI-powered features.

Yesterday, in a post on its official website (opens in new tab), Discord unveiled plans to introduce various AI tools to enhance the user experience. Among them is AI functionally for Discord's bot Clyde. Users might be used to Clyde occasionally reaching out with things like error information, but he'll be much more chatty from next week. The AI-powered bot will be on hand to answer your questions as well as "supercharge your conversation with friends".

On top of that, Discord is adding AutoMod AI, which alerts moderators to possible breaches of server rules. Also on the way are AI-generated conversation summaries designed to let users quickly catch up on their favourite topics on the Discord server. The company also plans to launch the Discord AI Incubator to help fund other developers' AI projects on Discord. "We're excited about the opportunities for AI to enhance so many facets of human experience," the company says.

Yet, judging by the reaction to the announcement on social media, many users don't share that excitement and see Discord's new AI functionality as unappealing, unnecessary, and intrusive. One user on Twitter compared the company's approach to that of Skype's, saying that the once hugely popular chat platform "bloated itself with garbage to the point that everyone hated it, and left to go hang out with their friend Discord." 

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It appears that many now feel that Discord is doing the same and that a new, less busy platform could soon become more appealing. "Every chat application inevitably starts to make people consider other platforms after the seven-year mark," replies one user. Another says, "They didn't learn anything..."

Adding further fuel to the fire is the issue of privacy. As one Twitter user (opens in new tab) spotted, two options in Discords settings allow the company to use and process user information to "improve" and "customise" the experience. "Turn these off ASAP", writes the Twitter user. "Discord is doing dumb s***."

In other news, the latest PS5 update, 7.0, recently went live, adding Discord voice chat and the ability to update your DualSense controllers wirelessly.

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