Disco Elysium Cheat Engine: what cheats and trainers are available for Disco Elysium?

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If you've been finding the detective RPG a little difficult to handle, or you just want to explore everything that's on offer, then you may be looking for information on the Disco Elysium Cheat Engine to make things easier for yourself. Unlike some PC titles, there aren't any official Disco Elysium cheats or console commands officially built into the game, so if you want to make any beneficial alterations then you'll need to utilise some additional software. Of the options for this currently available, the Disco Elysium Cheat Engine is by far the most popular, so read on for everything you need to know about downloading and installing it to improve your game.

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Disco Elysium Cheat Engine

With no built in console commands available, we have to rely on unofficial means to apply Disco Elysium cheats, and there is currently one main free option available for doing this. Before going any further, we need to point out that downloading and running any third-party software is completely at your own risk, so make sure you use due diligence and confirm your PC has adequate protection before continuing to install any cheat programs. Naturally you should also back up any of your important game saves before proceeding, so you can restore your game to them later on.

The main free option available is Cheat Engine, which is an open source program used to modify single player games with an comprehensive set of tools. After installing the main program, you then need to download Cheat Engine Tables to load into it – these are pre-built by other players to allow a selection of cheats to be executed in your selected game. This Cheat Engine Table provides a whole host of options, including modifying your level, XP, skill points, money, health, and morale, as well as freezing time and succeeding in dialog. This should give you enough power to modify your game as you see fit, but keep an eye on the Community Cheat Tables forum for future updates which may unlock even more options. Now get out there and start tinkering to become the best drunken detective you can be!

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