Did the Nintendo 3DS release date just leak?

Thisweekend, an alleged affiliate of Japanese peripheral manufacturerKeys Factoryposted a very juicy tweet which instructed followers to check out the company’s line of 11 3DS accessories, due to launch simultaneously with thesystem on November 20th. Was it really an unintentional slip? You’d think that anyone would know not to post sensitive, potentially NDA-covered information in a public place, no matter how small and low-trafficked it may seem.

Above: Be careful what you tweet, your reveal of sensitive release date information couldbe retweetedwell over 100 times within hours

The tweet itself has since disappeared… along with the entire account associated with the alleged developer. Yowza. Did Nintendo Japan flex their legal muscle to take this down? Or did "Nocchisan" realize thathe might have just committed a terrible (and perhaps lawsuit-worthy) mistake? In spite of whatever went down, we’ll likely find out if this release date is the real deal later this week at Tokyo Game Show.

Sep 13, 2010

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