Nintendo says marketing the 3DS will be 'very tricky'

We've seen Nintendo's amazing new handheld in person and have nearly nothing but praise in our hearts. But how do you convey the 3DS' amazing technology via commercials, print or even internet advertising? Hideki Konno, the man most responsible for the 3DS at this point,had this to sayto Edge magazine on the matter:

I canpersonally vouchfor the 3DS' abilities, but can also understand the unique challenge here. Back when Nintendo wasattempting to pimpthe Virtual Boy, it released special glasses with Nintendo Power and color-coded the issue so it would appear in 3D while wearing said eyewear. Don't think that'll work again this time... not that it worked in the first place.

Above: C'mon! It totally works like I say it does!

So, it seems like the obvious tactic is to have in-store demos as early as possible. Don't be surprised if a playable 3Ds shows up in a retail store weeks (if not months) before the actual release date. In fact, I wouldn't put it past Nintendo to drop some out in the US for the holiday season.

Brett Elston

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