Turns out Resident Evil 7's finger is teasing more info in September

Just like the Resident Evil 7 demo itself, there may be more to Capcom's finger mystery teaser than we first realized. The image seemed to confirm speculation that players had discovered everything in the demo and that Capcom would add more later on. But it has a few more details to yield, as spotted by Reddit user theanonymousegamer.

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The slip of paper that reads "The path for now is closed, but patience…" is the most obvious part of the image. A creepy finger points to the slip, but more importantly, the dates it covers on the calendar correspond to Tokyo Game Show 2016: September 15 through 18. Thus, the next layer of the RE7 mystery may be revealed at TGS. Better start watching for mysterious updates to begin downloading around then.

The image also shows a key in the blurry foreground, which goes along with the idea that the dummy finger will open the way... once Capcom patches it in, anyway. Last but not least, there's a spot of blood on September 28. Could be we'll see even more then - that's the same date as the beginning of Resident Evil 3, after all.

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