Resident Evil 7’s dummy finger mystery gets a hint from Capcom: “patience”

At this point there probably isn’t anything left in the Resi 7 Beginning Hour demo that hasn’t been poked with that mystery finger. The item appears to have no known use, which, of course, has driven fans mad trying to find out what it’s for. 

If you’re not up to speed you can find out more about all the Resi 7 finger theories here, along with the search for a hidden ending. But for those of you desperate to find out what it’s for, Capcom has finally offered a glimmer of hope via its Resident Evil Ambassadors community program. People who signed up for it had been receiving emails with the message “The path is now closed, but patience”.

Not much help in itself but it ties into my theory that whatever the finger’s for isn’t in the demo yet but will be patched in later. If that is the case then presumably the new message is hinting that something could be happening soon.

There's also potential clues to go over in the image itself - whose wallet and key is that? We can see that calendar says September, but what year? Is that a coffee cup? And why are there two lines of text reflected in it when only one is on the card? I'm also getting a police desk vibe from this overall for some reason.

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