Dialogue Options: Are battle royale games telling the right kind of stories?

Over the course of three years, battle royale has grown from a humble PC mod to a full video game genre in and of itself, with some of the biggest titles in the world, from Call of Duty to Tetris (Tetris!), jumping in on the trend via their own takes on PlayerUnknown's last-man-standing deathmatch.  

As the genre continues to be shaped and enriched by its iterators and imitators, it's becoming clear that we're still only scratching the surface of its potential as a live storytelling experiment, in which gameplay and narrative bleed into each other seamlessly, and the plot continues to evolve with every new update. 

Who knew, for example, that Apex Legends season 4 would be responsible for one of the most exciting video game stories told in 2020 so far? We certainly didn't, which brings us nicely to our next episode of Dialogue Options, in which myself, Video Producer Ellen Causey, and Head of Video James Jarvis discuss how battle royale is changing the way we create and consume our stories in interactive entertainment.

We talk about everything, from Overwatch and Destiny to the past, present, and future of Fortnite itself, so have a watch, and see if you agree with our conclusions. And if you don't agree? Well, I guess we'll be seeing you in Tilted Towers...

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Alex Avard

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