Diablo Immortal players are "insulted" by Blizzard's compensation for a bug that disbanded their clans

Diablo Immortal
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Some Diablo Immortal players say they're "insulted" by Blizzard's meager compensation for a server merge bug that forced their clans to disband.

Diablo Immortal's oft-requested server merges are finally here, but they've brought with them some unfortunate bugs, one of which seemed to inadvertently cause some players' clans to dissolve. As shared by Redditor melvinxie, Blizzard is only offering its sincere apologies, a handful of gems and items, and some sage advice to start over as compensation. 

"Dear player, after Server Merge, there were unexpected bugs causing a disband for your Shadow Clan. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience to you and your team. I encourage you and team to gather again to protect Sanctuary. We would like to present the following to you as compensation, please remember to claim."

Blizzard's peace offering appears to be two Legendary crests, a handful of gems, 300 scrap material, and 30 Enchanted Dust. To be fair, this isn't a worthless reward, but in lieu of an actual solution that reconnects members and restores their ranks and achievements, this does seem unsatisfactory. 

Other players shared similar experiences over on the Blizzard forums, and a response from a moderator confirms the only solution for the moment is to "reform."

"That's great and all, but many of the reports include the fact that the affected players can't reform because of other issues that are part of the same bug," said Redditor Ragaara.

"Those compensations are more insulting than no compensation at all," said Mattacrator. "Yeah I'll claim it and it will give me basically nothing. This is 6 gem power that only makes you feel disrespected as a customer."

"Oh, here's some gems, and some legendary Crests but not enough for a 3 run," said MASTA_Chumlee. "GG lolz."

Diablo Immortal seems to be offering players various compensation packages for different issues caused by the server merge, but the response from the community is mixed at best. I've reached out to Blizzard for further comment and I'll update you here should I hear back.

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