Diablo 4 relaxes its overly grindy new endgame event, Abattoir of Zir, with a patch buffing Glyph XP by over 500% for higher tiers

Diablo 4
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Blizzard has relaxed Diablo 4’s excessively grindy new endgame challenge called Abattoir of Zir.

For the unseasoned hack ‘n’ slashers among us, Abattoir of Zir is the game’s newest endgame dungeon event added alongside Season 2: Season of Blood, and it challenges players to defeat extra tough enemy hordes before a timer runs out. Diablo 4’s most persistent issue (the grindyness) had also infected the new event, but the game’s latest update addresses some complaints. 

Developer/publisher Blizzard pushed out a hotfix just yesterday - December 8 - largely to iron out issues with Abattoir of Zir. “Paragon Glyph experience rewarded from the Abattoir of Zir has been increased with significant increases for higher [difficulty] tiers,” reads the recent patch notes

Those experience boosts are no joke either. Tier 1 experience is still locked at 1,000, while Tier 2 experience almost doubles to 2,800. Tier 10 practically triples experience gains with 11,600. Tier 20 difficulty leaps from 11,900 all the way to 65,400 experience rewards. And finally, Tier 25 now grants a whopping 117,100 experience points, up over 500% from 17,800. 

“We’ve restructured the earlier tiers of Abattoir of Zir, and the experience now begins with a difficulty close to that of Tier 90 Nightmare Dungeons,” the patch note continues. “The Monsters continue to rapidly scale, reaching a similar difficulty of Nightmare Dungeon Tier 100 by Tier 5, and matching the current Live difficulty tuning by Tier 10. Additionally, we’ve reduced incoming damage by up to ~20% throughout all Tiers of Abattoir of Zir.”

All in all, it sounds like players who want to level up their Paragon Glyphs now have a quicker way to do so, without having to repeat the same event countless times. 

Diablo 4’s lead developers recently reiterated that the team won’t add pay-to-win junk. 

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