Diablo 4 player bags a perfect roll on an ultra-rare Ancestral Unique bow estimated at 1-in-175K odds, declares it's "still crap"

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A Diablo 4 player obtained a bow that had a one in 175,616 chance of dropping, and declared that it's "still crap."

The player in question is the individual behind the Reddit post seen just below. They've managed to get their hands on a very elusive Eaglehorn bow, which is classed as an Ancestral Unique Bow in Diablo 4, one of the rarest items in the game. According to their comment though, it's not that good of a find. 

Just wanted to show my 1 in 25 million Eaglehorn bow from r/diablo4

So why does this very rare bow suck? It all comes down to a bug. Commenters say crossbows are better for the third in-game season in a row in Diablo 4 - purely because the crossbows themselves are actually bugged and deal way more damage than they're meant to. 

This bug supposedly comes about if you've got points in a crossbow's Weapon Mastery. If you use the 'Puncture' skill with the crossbow, your next core weapon ability is seemingly guaranteed to do five times the damage it's meant to. This is a bug and one that tears apart any foe at that.

You might also be wondering why the Eaglehorn bow had a one in 175,616 chance of dropping, instead of one in 25 million like the player claims. It turns out that all Eaglehorn bows' Dexterity statistic doesn't offer all the numbers between 1 and 10 for the player on a randomly generated roll.

Only numbers one, five, eight, and 10 are possible in the Dexterity category when the bow is generated. This means you've got a 25%, or one in four chance of getting a 5 Dexterity value when you obtain the bow, and not a 10%, or one in 10 chance, as most players probably suspect. 

Still, that's not knocking the feat of obtaining the bow itself - it's just that this bow is redundant when the crossbows are still broken. There are a few Diablo 4 players in the comments saying that they've been grinding out the action RPG in an attempt to get the Eaglehorn bow, but now they're cutting that journey short after seeing this post.

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