Diablo 4 patch targets server stability following queue times of over an hour

Diablo 4 male and female Rogues posing
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A brand new Diablo 4 patch is out right now across all systems, after reports of prolonged queue times.

Pushed live yesterday on June 8, the 1.0.2h patch for Diablo 4 starts and ends at stability fixes. It's bad news bears for anyone hoping for a patch that significantly changed anything on the surface of the game, but it's still good that Diablo 4 is getting even more stable with every passing week.

This is all following reports of incredibly lengthy queue times for Diablo 4 players around the world. Diablo 4 devs were aware players were faced with extensive queue times yesterday on June 8, and it turns out this was a deliberate action on the part of Blizzard to alleviate pressure on the game's servers.

It turns out players were waiting over an hour to get into Diablo 4 yesterday. Queue times were drastic on June 8, and you can see why some players got real fed up waiting for over an hour to get into Blizzard's game, only to be booted out of the queue at various points.

Now though, the new patch for Diablo 4 is here to relieve players of the wait times. Diablo 4's own global community development director paints the patch in a relatively minor light in the tweet below, but reassures followers that "larger and more prevalent items are being worked on and will appear in future updates."

We've got no indication as to what these "large and more prevalent items" could be right now, but it's likely something along the line of further class adjustments. Blizzard rolled out a fairly hefty rebalancing patch last week during early access, which nerfed three of the five overall classes, so we could well see a patch like this in the near future.

Just yesterday, a new Diablo 4 update eliminated an infinite XP exploit, so that's one source of eternal XP cut off. That was in addition to slightly buffing the Level 100 Pinnacle Boss, so bad news if you're on the cusp of tackling it.

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