Diablo 4 is working to "improve server stability issues" on console

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We already knew that Diablo 4's first open beta weekend was subjecting players to long queues and connection issues, and now Blizzard is working on "improving server stability issues" for console players, too. 

On Sunday morning, the team acknowledged that it was "tracking a new issue related to some console players unable to get through queues".

In an update to the game's official forums, Diablo 4 community manager Filtierich confirmed that over the weekend, the team had pushed out a hotfix "targeted at fixing and improving the queue issues console players have reported on since the early access launch".

"Here to share updates on the latest hotfix that was pushed earlier this evening," the brief statement began. 

"The hotfix contains updates to improve server stability issues. We included an update that is targeted at fixing and improving the queue issues console players have reported on since the early access launch.

"We would like to thank everyone for taking the time to play, provide feedback and share your experiences with us," the statement concludes. "We will continue to share updates as we hear back from the team. Thanks again for your patience and understanding - we appreciate you all so much."

As for the other issues? Blizzard has dropped several updates over the weekend, and it seems as though the team has been able to stablize servers, so queue times shouldn't be quite as lengthy now. You should hopefully be able to remain connected, too.

"The feedback we’re hearing is incredible – the team is delighted to see that so many players are enjoying Diablo 4," PezRadar added. "Thanks again for jumping into the beta and helping us identify issues to ensure we have the best possible launch for players everywhere."

Don't forget that while progress will carry over for players able to access both beta tests, your progress won't carry over into the main game – so bear that in mind.

Blizzard also recently reaffirmed that it doesn't want Diablo 4 players to "feel like they can pay to win" and outlined why it thinks the Codex of Power builds on one of Diablo 3's best ideas.

Diablo 4 is out on June 6 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, and last-gen console systems. 

We reckon Diablo 4's unsung hero could be its open world.

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