Diablo 4 devs considering more social features that might actually give it an MMO feel

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Diablo 4's dev team is considering adding more social features, which could finally turn the Blizzard RPG into an actual MMO.

As reported by Icyveins, Diablo 4's community manager Adam Fletcher has discussed the possibility of more social features heading to the Blizzard game. After a fan asked if the developers could add a community chat to Diablo 4, Fletcher replied: "Yeah - We have received a lot of requests for some additional social features that I know the team is thinking about."

Right now, as the fan's original tweet reveals, Diablo 4 players are instead relying on things like Discord to join groups - which isn't always the seamless experience fans are after. One Diablo 4 player has even taken it upon themselves to create their own party finder app since there's a distinct lack of one in the actual game. Thankfully, Diablo 4's game director is open to a party finder system, so it'll probably only be a matter of time before an official one is rolled out.

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If these features are eventually implemented into Diablo 4, the RPG will feel like much more of an MMO. In the replies to Icyveins' tweet, there are plenty of suggestions from players about the kind of social features they want to see in Diablo 4. As expected, there are a lot of calls for an official party finder system - however, others have said that adding more social features to the game in its current state could result in lag, which no one wants. 

We haven't got any idea as to when the team plans to implement some of these features, if at all, so we may end up waiting a little while to see these kinds of improvements - at least we know the team is aware of the complaints.

Blizzard probably has a lot of other concerns for its recently launched action RPG at the moment, just last month, the developer got candid with fans about Diablo 4 Season 1, saying: "We know it is bad, we know it is not fun," and promised to not release another patch like it ever again.

If you're still considering trying out the action RPG soon, take a look at our Diablo 4 tips before you get started. 

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