Devil May Cry 4: now with more boobs

Capcom has revealed a series of brand new characters for Devil May Cry 4, including a buxom female with a serious white hair-do. According to a Babelfish translation of the Japanese websitethat contains her character description, she's called "Grolier." However, we've heard from a reliable source that she's actually called Gloria - far more befitting of her womanly stature.

The translation goes on to say... actually it's funnier verbatim:

"Staff of demon sword teaching group, simply the alone woman. Exotic appearance and that voluptuousness with, glance it is put from around.

"Concerning the fact that, in demon sword teaching group after the converting, at little period it climbed to staff and stuffed even inside teaching group the human who does the imagination which is not driven is many.

"With voluptuous aggressive style, it keeps leveling many demon."