Developer Pack comes to Metro: Last Light on Sept. 17

The third piece of Metro: Last Light DLC will crawl forth from the underground on Sept. 17 for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. Deep Silver and 4A Games detailed the Developer Pack on the game's official blog, teasing its survival-horrifying Spiders' Nest mission and its more abstract features.

Spiders Nest leaves you alone in an abandoned missile silo with only a lighter, compass, and cracked gas mask. Abandoned might be the wrong word, since a gaggle of irradiated mutant spiders have taken up residence. Luckily, one weapon is soon discovered: a hand-cranked flamethrower and just enough fuel to throw a bug barbecue.

The rest of the pack lets you take a look behind Last Light's tattered, post-apocalyptic curtain. The Shooting Range allows for experimentation with every gun and attachment without fear of depleting ammo, and the AI arena lets players toss squads of soldiers and/or mutants at each other and see what happens. You can just watch, if that's your thing, or jump in to complete challenges.

The Developer Pack also includes the Metro Museum, which allows you an up-close-and-not-in-danger-of-being-eviscerated look at Last Light's creatures and characters. The pack costs $4 on its own, or is available as part of the $15 season pass.

Said season pass will conclude soon with The Chronicles Pack, which features three new single player side story missions from the perspectives of Pavel, Khan and Ulman, and Anna.

Connor Sheridan

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