Deus Ex: Human Revolution's Missing Link gets a second walkthrough trailer

This second walkthrough trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution's upcoming Missing Link DLC brings Ubisoft’s Antoine Thisdale to the mic for a little more pre-info. Previously, we heard from the game's story lead, Mary DeMarle, who talked viewers through the first half of the episode; now, Thisdale shows you a few more of the bits you might otherwise miss on first playthrough.

Between them, DeMarle and Thisdale manage to give away more than a few of the DLC's more conspicuous shortcuts. However, in a pack revolving around secrets both narrative and gameplay-related, there ought to be plenty more to discover over The Missing Link's 5-hour playtime. The pack's due later this month, when you'll also have access to two bits of pre-order bonus DLC.

Oct 10, 2011