Detroit: Become Human developer could be working on a multiplayer game with microtransactions

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New Quantic Dream job listings point to the studio looking into a competitive game with in-game transactions.

Quantic Dreams, the studio behind popular titles such as Detroit: Become HumanBeyond: Two Souls, and Heavy Rain is hiring for new roles for an unannounced project (via RestERA). Given their descriptions, it's sounding like the studio could be looking into a competitive multiplayer game with in-game transactions.

One role advertised is looking for a senior game designer who has experience "on a competitive or strategy game" as Quantic Dream is working on "a competitive project under development" that it describes as an "innovative new project". The other role is for a senior game economy designer who would be responsible for the "game’s economic model" designing virtual products offering in the game. It also seeks someone who has the experience to allow the game to "work as a service".

It's certainly sounding as if the studio is working on a multiplayer game of sorts that will offer players cosmetics at the very least. Although earlier this year in an interview with IGN the studio was said to be working on a new game that would explore storytelling methods it hasn't tried yet.

This isn't the first time that Quantic Dreams has been looking into multiplayer. In 2013 the studio was hiring for a multiplayer programmer. And in a 2010 interview with IGN studio founder, David Cage said that he wanted to "try to bring to multiplayer experiences the same change that Heavy Rain was to single-player"

Quantic Dreams hasn't released a multiplayer game yet, but considering the multiplayer scene is strong at present, it makes sense for the studio to push into the vertical. The studio's games used to be exclusive to Sony, but in 2019 Cage said the games were heading to other platforms and a year later the studio moved to self-publishing its IPs.

The studio's most recent release is Detroit: Become Human, a dramatic narrative adventure that follows the story of three androids and has a heavy focus, as most of Quantic Dreams' titles, on branching narratives and multiple choices. It'll be interesting to see what the studio plans to do with a multiplayer game if that is what it's working on.

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