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Destiny: The Taken King stars an angry god who wants to kill you

Destiny: The Taken King is coming on September 15, 2015, adding a ton of new player options, missions, settings, what else… oh yeah, an angry god who's more than a little bit upset that you used his own sword to kill his son and is out for bloody vengeance.

Aside from an ongoing campaign to kill Oryx (Crota's father) before he can kill you, The Taken King will introduce a new subclass for each of Destiny's three existing classes, complete with new ultimate abilities: it looked like the Hunter wielded a powerful energy bow, the Warlock blasted some forked lightning, and the Titan wielded a solar hammer.

Some other footage which blitzed by in the new trailer seemed to tease Mercury as a full-on playable area, not just a PvP map, not to mention the Rings of Saturn. You can also expect all-new enemy types to make your life difficult.

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