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Destiny emotes Bungie said will make you "throw money at the screen"

UPDATE: You can see all 19 new Destiny Emotes here (opens in new tab).

Back in June, Destiny: The Taken King (opens in new tab) creative director Luke Smith spoke (opens in new tab) to Eurogamer, defending the $80 pricetag for the Collector's Edition (opens in new tab) with this line: "If I fired up a video right now and showed you the emotes you would throw money at the screen." It was meant jokingly, but players didn't take it well. Today, you get to fire up the video below, skip to 44 seconds in and see how quickly you reach for your wallet.

Uproar eventually caused Bungie and Activision to offer a digital upgrade pack (opens in new tab) so that if you already own Destiny and its two previous expansions (The Dark Below and House of Wolves), you wouldn't be paying $80 for one new expansion, unique aesthetic items and new emotes. That pack is priced at $20.

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