Somebody just made Destinys best gun in real life

3D printers shall one day print delicious food to solve world hunger, and print friends to quell your eternal loneliness, and print music that sounds suspiciously like a whirring printing machine, but until that day it will be used for a most noble pursuit: printing guns from video games.

Faltion Prop Works are dedicated to their art, and if you’ve got the cash (unfortunately there’s no way to print that at the moment), they’ll fashion you a full-scale, replica, non-firing firearm.

The Hawkmoon from Destiny is their latest masterpiece, accurate down to the feather etchings on the silver barrel. Looking like some sort of juiced-up space Desert Eagle, the Godly in-game version can kill in one hit, and as a PS4 exclusive it’s one of Destiny's rarest and most powerful weapons.

They’ve previously made Destiny’s Khvostov 7G-02, and are currently working on The Order: 1886’s fancy Essex M2. Lust after them here.

Here's Hawkmoon as it appears in Destiny, click on to see the impressive replica.

Ben Griffin
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