Destiny fashionistas rejoice, Rise of Iron will make shaders affect class armor once more

Destiny's upcoming Rise of Iron expansion will mark a return to the golden age of Guardian color coordination, Bungie game director Chris Barrett has confirmed. Class armor will no longer be immune to the color-altering effects of shaders once the expansion arrives on September 20.

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Once upon a time, equipping a shader in Destiny would change the color of all your non-gun equipment (except some wily Exotics). For reasons that were never made entirely clear, Bungie started excluding class armor. Maybe it had something to do with shifting resources around to meet memory limits on last-gen consoles? Rise of Iron is only coming out on PS4 and Xbox One, so that lines up, for what it's worth.

I actually like having my Titan's waist towel deliberately set off from the rest of her gear in some outfits. But most of the time it just looks junky, so I'll take it as a net gain. For some non-sartorial tweaks coming to Destiny, check out five big changes Rise of Iron is making to the Cosmodrome.

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