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This Twitter account is matching Destiny shaders with birds, and it's perfect

Armor shaders are the booby prize of Destiny, but one Twitter account is turning them into prized booby pairings. Visionary magic space armor/avian style expert @destinyborbs has already matched up 20 shader/armor combos with their proper bird counterpart based on color and aesthetic attitude, and is still going strong. Here's some of the account's best work:

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You can really see the artistry in that last one, where @destinyborbs even picked an appropriately striped hunter cloak to match the masked trogon (which is native to the highland forests of South America, FYI). It's a wonderful way to simultaneously admire some of nature's most beautiful creatures and to better appreciate what the hell Bungie was thinking with some of these shaders. It still doesn't explain the names, though. Glowhoo?

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