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Destiny 2 Class Guide - should you pick Titan, Hunter or Warlock?

Destiny 2 Warlock Class Guide

Warlocks are recovery specialists who are able to quickly heal themselves, as well as harnessing magical powers to deliver devastating attacks. That said, they can be formidable foes, too. Their Glide jump allows fast horizontal movement, which can be very useful for evading enemies or for travelling large distances over gaps to retain a height advantage.

In Destiny 2 Warlocks are still rocking it, and is the best Guardian for those looking to wield magical powers.

Like the other classes, all Warlock subclasses have the same class ability options: Healing Rift or Empowering Rift. 

Class Abilities: Healing Rift or Empowering Rift

The Rift ability is all about granting bonuses to your allies. Healing Rift provides health regeneration for you and any of your buddies standing within its area of effect, while the Empowering Rift boosts not just your damage, but allies standing near you, too.


New for Destiny 2, the Dawnblade is an impressive fire-based subclass. It's focused on dealing high damage and is particularly skilled in aerial combat. Oh, and setting people on fire. 

You automatically unlock the Dawnblade subclass when you complete the Spark mission in the campaign. 

Super Ability: Daybreak

Using this Super gives you huge fiery wings and a big-ass flame sword that you can use to hurl flaming projectiles both on the ground and from the air. It's a hugely powerful attack and quite the visual spectacle.


Hit-and-run attacks are the Voidwalker's speciality, along with grenades. It's actually capable of absorbing grenade energy to regain health, or it can use its Super energy to create unique and incredibly powerful grenade attacks. 

Find the appropriate artifact and complete the accompanying mission in order to unlock this subclass. 

Super Ability: Nova Bomb

Nova Bomb at its base level is a powerful projectile that causes a massive explosion on impact. Combine this with the Voidwalker's grenade abilities and it becomes a very complex and impressive Super. Once upgraded, it's surprisingly effective in the Crucible.


This is the subclass that is the best at dealing multi-target damage and is great for aggressive playstyles. If you like to charge into the heat of battle, this is the subclass for you. 

You'll need the correct artifact and to complete the mission in order to unleash the Stormcaller.

Super Ability: Stormtrance

This Super allows you to float across the battlefield, electrocuting foes and disintegrating anyone left in your wake. It's got quite a short range but it deals high-damage to an impressive number of enemies if you catch them in your sphere of effect.

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