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Destiny: Age of Triumph's launch trailer teases raid loot, playlists, and the biggest record book

The Destiny 2 rumors are coming hot and heavy now, including an allegedly leaked poster showing a September 2017 release date, but the original Destiny isn't done quite yet. The Age of Triumph event begins next week and Bungie has published a new trailer showing how it will take your Guardian on a victory lap of all their most glorious achievements.

You may have caught on by now that there isn't very much all-new stuff in this final live event. It's more of a clip show than a proper season finale. But even if you've killed all these baddies before, the update will give you plenty of reason to slay them again and again: loot boxes full of stuff you missed before, new upgrades, and the biggest record book ever, to name a few.

Can we take a moment and sincerely appreciate how Destiny has managed to turn a dozen pages full of progress bars into an exciting selling point? Sometimes I still can't believe Bungie ever managed to pull this game off.

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