You have 3 days to play one of the best FPS campaigns of all time for free

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen weapons
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Destiny 2's excellent Witch Queen campaign, in and of itself one of the best FPS games around, is free to play for the weekend, which means you now have the perfect excuse to cancel those "plans" you made.

I wrote plans in quotations because when I say I have weekend plans, what I really mean is I'm laying on the floor because my aching back likes it and watching TikToks while idling in Stardew Valley. But trust me when I say it's worth canceling those sort of plans too, because you only have until Monday, February 27 at 9am PST to play the acclaimed Destiny 2 Witch Queen campaign.

Even if you aren't already a Destiny player, all you have to do is download the base game for free on Steam or the Epic Games Store and the Witch Queen campaign should automatically unlock. It's also a fantastic entry point to the MMO, according to GR's residential Destiny veteran Austin Wood.

"Destiny 2: The Witch Queen makes the strongest first impression of any expansion from developer Bungie to date," wrote Wood in his Destiny 2: Witch Queen review. "It delivers the most memorable campaign in the series, and its story is the best thing Bungie has ever written." Keep in mind, Bungie also wrote the first three Halo games, which are considered some of the best campaigns of all time.

The Witch Queen is all about the titular Savathûn and her imposing throne world, which you've infiltrated to find out how the heck she managed to steal the Light, a mysterious power given to Guardians by The Traveler. I like it because it's the closest Destiny has ever come to being a horror game, having been inspired by classic sci-fi movies.

Of course, this is all in anticipation of Destiny 2: Lightfall, which made GR's list of our most anticipated games of 2023.

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