Destiny 2's Silly Walk emote lets you glitch through almost any wall and it's so perfect

Destiny 2's Silly Walk emote was too silly for the game's level geometry, which is probably why Bungie has removed it from the Eververse shop. The Bureaucratic Walk emote, which is an homage to John Cleese's absurd gait in the "Ministry of Silly Walks" Monty Python sketch, has been available in the game for a while via Bright Engrams. But its popularity took off when it was recently highlighted as one of the Eververse items available for individual purchase and players discovered it could be used for more than just silliness.

YouTuber JB3 claims credit for popularizing the exploit, which is used to glitch into a secret unused room of the Leviathan raid in this video.

What makes this exploit really special (and probably very alarming for Bungie) is just how easy it is to use. All you do is back up to whatever door or wall you want to glitch through, start the emote, swing the camera around to face your Guardian, and crouch when you silly step backward. Then walk forward normally and you're in. Above all else I delight in the mental image of Guardians Silly Walking so hard that they transcend the normal limits of reality.

Players used the exploit to access a bunch of other areas that are normally out of bounds. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at the Gunsmith's kiosk.

Reaching inaccessible locations is all well and good until somebody uses it to cheat at The Crucible and ruin other people's fun, so it's probably for the best that Bungie pulled Bureaucratic Walk from the shop. It looks like the emote glitch still works if you already own it, but I wouldn't expect that to last very long either.

Connor Sheridan

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