Destiny 2 will reissue fan-favorite Dreaming City and Moon loot next season

Destiny 2 Beyond Light
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Destiny 2 will re-issue several weapons and armor sets from Forsaken's Dreaming City and Shadowkeep's Moon next season as part of Bungie's ongoing quest to replenish the loot pool after the great sunset culling in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

In December, Bungie acknowledged "a few clear-cut misses" with the loot balance in Beyond Light, and vowed to release more new guns in future updates (both seasons and expansions) while bringing back some old favorites. This seems to be the second wave of its short-term loot expansion, with two full armor sets and eight total weapons returning in Season 13. 

The Dreaming City's Reverie Dawn armor will be reissued and will drop with high stats when obtained from the Shattered Throne dungeon. The Moon's Dreambane armor, meanwhile, will drop with high stats from the Pit of Heresy dungeon, with the final chest guaranteeing a piece with 16 points in two different stats. This will not only expand the pool of viable armor, it will also give players a reason to play dungeons other than Prophecy.

Each destination is also reviving four weapons. For the Dreaming City, the Waking Vigil hand cannon, Sleepless rocket launcher, Vouchsafe scout rifle, and Retold Tale shotgun are being reissued. If you obtain these weapons through Shattered Throne, they'll drop with exclusive perks that you can't find on world drops, though we don't know what these are just yet. Still, it's nice to see Bungie cash the check it wrote in November, when director Luke Smith assured players that future reissued weapons wouldn't boil down to "getting the exact same version" all over again. 

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

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Likewise, the Moon is bringing back the Premonition pulse rifle, Heretic rocket launcher, Blasphemer slug shotgun, and Apostate sniper rifle. Premonition will only drop from the Pit of Heresy, but you'll want to run the dungeon anyway because all four weapons will also drop with exclusive perks if obtained from that particular area. These weapons barely had a year in the limelight before sunsetting kicked them out, so it's good to see at least some Moon gear get a second chance. 

With this un-sunsetting putting such an emphasis on dungeon loot, Bungie's also improving the drop tables for these activities to prioritize re-issued gear over the sunset stuff nobody cares about. "For example: In the Dreaming City if you have already obtained an infusion capped weapon, it will not drop for you again," Bungie said in a blog post. 

This gear will be reissued alongside other loot changes coming in Season 13. For starters, the legendary Lost Sector rotation established in Beyond Light will be expanded to the Moon, with four new Lost Sectors offering specific rewards. Bungie is also stripping out Destiny 2's token system in Season 13 and moving Gambit and Crucible rewards onto a ranked progression system, with higher ranks dishing out better loot including masterwork materials. Instead of turning in tokens for engrams, you'll earn rank XP by playing the relevant activity and receive engrams passively. The same system will come to Vanguard Strikes "in a future season." With this in mind, all players should cash in their Gambit and Crucible tokens as soon as possible. 

Relatedly, another 20-odd weapons will be sunset next season. Another, sadder bit of news was also tucked into Bungie's update: the original Halo website is shutting down next month.

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