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Original Halo website shutting down in February, so save your stats and files while you can

Halo 3
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Bungie will be taking down the original website for Halo this February, so be sure to save any screenshots, stats, or files while you can. 

The news came in the latest This Week at Bungie update, which confirmed that the site will be taken offline permanently on February 9. 

"Almost nine years ago, stats and files from our previous franchise, Halo, stopped getting updated on," the post reads. "Since then, all stats, files, and other data from Halo 2, Halo 3: ODST, and Halo Reach have lived on in remembrance at" 

Bungie highlights that all news articles, forums, and groups were imported over to the current version of back in 2013, but any stats or files from the games will be gone forever soon. As such, Bungie says "everyone is welcome to save their stats and files, however they can, if they'd like to save anything." 

The site currently archives all of the player stats, files, and screenshots from the Halo games, as well as an overview of overall stats. It also still features all of the old updates and news for the previous games in the franchise, making it almost like a time capsule of Halo days gone by. 

The update from Bungie, of course, included an overview of all things Destiny 2, with a look back on 2020, an overview of goals for Stasis abilities in PvP, and all of the latest information from Destiny support, with a hotfix set to be added for the upcoming 3.0.2 update. 

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