Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy: How to get Warmind Bits and buy Bunker upgrades efficiently

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Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy is all about Rasputin, but its main activities are about two things: Warmind Bits and Bunker upgrades. Warmind Bits basically fuel all of this season's PvE loot, and Bunker upgrades are part of the payoff. Think of them as the Fractaline and Obelisks of this season, because that's pretty much exactly what they are. And like Fractaline grinding and Obelisk leveling, it's important to know how to get Warmind Bits consistently and how to buy Bunker upgrades efficiently. This will save you a lot of time in the long-run, and it'll get you to that sweet, sweet loot much quicker. With that in mind, we've put together some quick pointers to help you make the most of the Season of the Worthy. 

How to get Warmind Bits and Encrypted Warmind Bits 

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There are three currencies attached to the Seraph activities: Warmind Bits, Encrypted Warmind Bits, and Chipsets.

Warmind Bits are used to purchase Bunker upgrades, and they're obtained from the daily, weekly, and repeatable bounties purchased at Bunkers. You can also earn them by completing Seraph Tower Public Events, claiming some Season of the Worthy Triumphs, and clearing Legendary Lost Sectors. Legendary Lost Sectors are the fastest way to earn Warmind Bits, but these are 1,000 Power activities without matchmaking, so you'll need to level up and/or find some friends in order to farm them effectively. 

Encrypted Warmind Bits are used to open the Rasputin chests which spawn at the end of Legendary Lost Sectors and Seraph Tower Public Events. You will need to open these chests in order to complete the weekly Bunker bounties. You can earn these special Bits by completing the daily bounties purchased at Bunkers, or by completing weekly challenges once you purchase a specific Bunker upgrade - more on that in a bit. Note that daily Bunker bounties are not shared across characters, so you can complete each one up to three times a day. 

Finally, Chipsets are used to increase your Integration (or reputation) level with specific Bunkers. Season of the Worthy launched with the EDZ Bunker, and Moon and Io Bunkers will be added in the weeks ahead. By trading in Chipsets, you can increase your Integration level, earn reputation packages containing Seraph gear, and unlock new Integration Bonuses which provide permanent, passive bonuses. These bonuses don't cost anything extra to unlock, so once you reach the required Integration level, you can claim them immediately. You can earn Chipsets by purchasing Bunker upgrades, with higher-tier upgrades awarding more Chipsets. If you've already purchased all available upgrades,  you can trade Warmind Bits for Chipsets directly. 

The best Bunker upgrades to buy 

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Now that we've got the currencies out of the way, let's talk about the Bunker upgrades you'll be spending all those Warmind Bits on. There are seven types of upgrades for each Bunker, each with three ranks. To purchase a rank two upgrade, you'll need to purchase the rank one version first. Fortunately, there are no Integration requirements, and you don't need to purchase all rank one upgrades before purchasing rank two upgrades. 

Most upgrades are self-explanatory features for Bunkers or specific loot pools, so we're going to focus on the three that affect the rate at which you earn currencies or the cost of upgrades. We'll use the EDZ Bunker as a baseline, and it's safe to assume the upgrade tree will be largely the same for other Bunkers. These are the upgrades you should purchase first in order to maximize your overall Bit generation. Here's a quick explainer for what they do. 

  • Cost Reduction: reduces the cost of Bunker Upgrades. 
  • Warmind Bit Generation: adds bonus Warmind Bits to various activities. 
  • Encrypted Warmind Bits: adds Encrypted Warmind Bits to the rewards for challenges Crucible, Vanguard, Gambit, Clan, and Gunsmith challenges, and adds a chance for Rasputin Chests to the Encrypted Warmind Bits you use to open them.

The Bunker armory, where you purchase weapon frames. These are unlocked through Integration levels, and are separate from Bunker upgrades. 

The Bunker armory, where you purchase weapon frames. These are unlocked through Integration levels, and are separate from Bunker upgrades.  (Image credit: Bungie)

Now let's look at an optimized upgrade path, again using the EDZ Bunker as an example: 

1) Cost Reduction Tier 1 - This upgrade will reduce the cost of all your other Bunker upgrades, so you should obviously get this one first. 

2) EDZ Encrypted Warmind Bits Tier 1 - You'll need plenty of Encrypted Warmind Bits to open the chests necessary to complete weekly Bunker bounties, and this upgrade turns every challenge into a source of Encrypted Warmind Bits. You'll probably be grinding challenges to raise your Power level anyway, so you may as well multi-task.

3) Cost Reduction Tier 2 - This upgrade reduces the cost of the Rasputin Auto Rifle frames which can be purchased from the Bunker armory, which is cool and all, but we're just buying this so we can get to the next upgrade.

4) Cost Reduction Tier 3 - Like the first cost reduction upgrade, this makes all other upgrades cheaper to purchase, so you should buy it before other upgrades whenever possible. If you find yourself low on Warmind Bits after buying this upgrade, we recommend completing a few daily bounties on an alternate character to quickly restock. The next two upgrades will also help you earn bits. 

5) Warmind Bit Generation Tier 1 - This upgrade adds bonus Warmind Bits to the rewards for clearing Bunkers, which is nice, but again we're mainly purchasing this to get to the next upgrade.

6) Warmind Bit Generation Tier 2 - This upgrade increases the amount of Warmind Bits awarded by the repeatable bounties sold at Bunkers. These bounties will be one of your biggest sources of Warmind Bits at the start of the season, especially at lower Power levels, so it's important to get this upgrade early on.

7) EDZ Encrypted Warmind Bits Tier 2 - This upgrade adds a random chance to retain Encrypted Warmind Bits when opening Rasputin chests, which will save you a lot of Bits overall. 

8) Warmind Bit Generation Tier 3 - This upgrade gives Strikes, Crucible matches, and Gambit matches a chance to award Warmind Bits. Again, this will synergize with your Power grind, and it adds alternate sources of Warmind Bits.  

Once you have these eight upgrades out of the way, you'll be able to earn Warmind Bits as fast as possible while spending the minimum amount on future upgrades. From there, we recommend purchasing the tier one and tier two Rasputin Reward Generation upgrades, as these will make the rewards for ranking up and clearing Bunkers more worthwhile. 

After that, you can purchase the remaining Bunker upgrades as you see fit depending on what you'd like to focus on. Want to summon Rasputin's Heavy Frame robo-buddy? Focus on the Frame Spawner upgrades. Want to throw Javelins in Seraph Towers? Level your Javelin Spawner. 

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