Destiny 2 space goths rejoice: Dead Orbit won the Faction Rally and this is your 1,000 Glimmer gun

The first Destiny 2 Faction Rally is over and the winners are as happy as any team of gloomy space goths could possibly be. Bungie confirmed that Dead Orbit won the first weeklong token-gathering competition, beating out all those who hitched their space wagons to Future War Cult and New Monarchy.

Decorations are fine, but Guardians know the most important part of any event is the guns. The rally's results determined which of three special guns would be added to the game and now we've got a good look at the victor: Haunted Earth, a slow but powerful kinetic scout rifle. Anybody can buy Haunted Earth, but if you pledged to Dead Orbit in the rally you can pick one up at a special price of 1,000 Glimmer. Everybody else will need to shell out 50,000.

Here's a video of the gun in action. Keep scrolling for a list of the perks.

Haunted Earth Perks


High-Impact Frame: Slow-firing and high-damage. This weapon is more accurate when stationary and aiming down sights.


IS 5 Circle: Circular iron sights. Short zoom. Greatly increases handling speed.
Model 6 Loop: Red-dot. Medium zoom. Increases range and handling speed.


Tactical Mag: Slightly increases stability, increases reload speed, and slightly increases magazine size.
High-Caliber Rounds: Shots from this weapon knock the target back farther. Slightly increases range.


Field Prep: Increased ammo reserves. Faster reload when crouched.

Oh, and here's the flavor text, just in case you want to feel really moody because of a sentence written on a gun.

"Those we've lost still linger in every place we look. Earth is no place for the living." - Arach Jalaal

"White on white translucent black capes, back on the rack. Bela Lugosi's dead." - Bauhaus

Ok, that second one isn't actually on the gun.

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